Phonebanking with Our All-Star Interns

I am humbled every day to have the chance to work with our campaign team.   Most of our volunteers are young - so young that they can't even vote on Election Day.  However, they believe in what we stand for - passion for progress, commitment to opportunity, and working toward a better life for the people in our community. 

Thank you to the whole team!  You make me proud every single day.   Zarina, Vicki, Amy, Wendy, Kristiana, Ashley, Olivia, Zara, and many others... We couldn't do this without you!  #GirlPower


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For Everyone

For everyone fighting for opportunity... I'm standing shoulder to shoulder with you.   Si Se Puede!!


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Some are born with every opportunity.  Others immigrate thousands of miles for a chance at success.  

Algunas nacen con cada oportunidad.  Otros se emigraron miles de millas para la oportunidad de triunfar.


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Our City

Now more than ever, we need strong Democrats fighting to move our city forward.


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Where I Stand on: Jobs

As a member of the City Council, my top priority will be to create good, middle-class jobs.  Having spent my career in the private sector, I understand the importance of making sure that City Hall and the business community are partners. If elected, I will pursue an extensive jobs agenda that will support small businesses and workers in Council District 13. While Council District 13 has seen significant job growth in recent years, there is still much more to do to create good, middle-class jobs. The following proposals are some of my top priorities. I intend to work closely with business and labor to build on these initiatives.


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Big Campaign Weekend - We Need Your Help!

All hands on deck!   We are less than three weeks from the March 5 election - and WE NEED YOUR HELP!   Come join us this Saturday and/or Sunday, as we continue voter outreach.   

The office is located at 5421 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite D, Los Angeles, California 90029.  (just east of Western)  Phone #: 323-957-2500.   We are open Mon-Fri, 10am to 8pm and Sat/Sun, 9am to 8pm through Election Day (March 5).


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De Ocampo Campaign Headquarters Open For Business!

Come join Alex's campaign team in our campaign office any day, right in the heart of CD13!   

The office is located at 5421 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite D, Los Angeles, California 90029.  (just east of Western)  Phone #: 323-957-2500 

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Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Endorses Alex De Ocampo for City Council District 13

The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce endorsed Alex this past week, citing his experience and expertise as the driving factors behind their decision.

“Alex De Ocampo brings a unique mix of policy expertise and significant experience in how to make a business successful and how government can help the local economy thrive," said Gary Toebben, L.A. Area Chamber President & CEO.

“I am honored to have received the endorsement of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce,” Alex said after receiving word of the Chamber’s decision.

“The Chamber represents businesses large and small and plays a vital role in promoting job growth in Los Angeles. I look forward to putting my private sector experience to work on City Council helping small businesses grow and thrive. We must do more to eliminate unnecessary red tape, create new incentives for creating good middle class jobs here in L.A., and connect employers with our public schools and community colleges to expand job-training opportunities for Angelenos.”




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We Organized Our Way Onto The Ballot

We're on the ballot!



Through the help of friends and family we successfully organized a very efficient signature gathering effort. With over 130 candidates for public office citywide, we were the 13th campaign to submit signatures and the 11th to qualify in the whole city. Some districts are easier than others to gather qualifying signatures and it can be tougher in the 13th Council District due to many locked apartment buildings and gated households.

This race is going to be won through grassroots community organizing, and being really from the community with friends and family living locally will be a big advantage! To get more involved make sure to submit through our volunteer signup page.

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Our First Organizing Meeting

We just held our first organizing meeting for the campaign, and the room was so full we ran out of chairs!

We conducted a briefing on the state of the race, and trained supporters on how they can most help the campaign. We'll be doing this again throughout the campaign. If you want to get more involved fill out this form and we'll make sure to reach out.

Click here to fill out our volunteer form.


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